Select Mondays of every month; 10:00 – 1:00 

Studio Alive is a group of dedicated artists that share a passion for drawing from live models. The group meets in The Bascom’s Adult Studio on select Mondays, year-round.

Please note: Currently meeting with limited capacity. Please contact Studio Alive for more information

All interested artists regardless of talent or ability are invited to join Studio Alive. Every Monday morning Bascom Members may attend Studio Alive in the Adult Studio from 10-1. No class fee is required, but artists all share in the cost and acquisition of the model (usually $5 - $10 per person). This is a wonderful opportunity to work in your medium of choice, hone your skills in a casual, creative environment, and share ideas with a welcoming community of artists.

Hear it from Studio Alive artists!

I believe that working from life is essential to improve my art. I am grateful to The Bascom and Studio Alive for providing the perfect welcoming environment for this and look forward to each session. Such fun! My favorite thing is the warmth and sincerity of the artists. Come as you are, you'll feel like you fit in!

~ Penny Bradley ~

Monday is my favorite day of the week! Studio classes at the Bascom are inspiring, & such fun. The members are supportive of our efforts.....great models, too.

- Suzanne Dilthey -

I look so forward to Monday mornings when I get to go to the Bascom! I shut down the noise from the outside world and just enjoy the fact that I have an entire morning to dedicate to absolutely nothing else but being creative. Best yet, I love this time with my friends.

~ Cindy Vickery~

Studio Alive is the highlight of my week! Monday is my fun day at Studio Alive! If you love to draw and paint, Studio Alive is the friendliest place to be.

~ Kathy Beehler ~

I learned about Studio Alive by word of mouth. I am so glad that it is getting out there now. It has been my primary motivator into getting back into something I used to love, painting. I now belong to a community of like minds and always look forward to these weekly sessions.

~ Nancy Rampell ~

I have recently joined the Studio Alive group and can say that it is the most accommodating and convivial group one could ever find. The Bascom practices gracious hospitality and offers everything that is needed for artistic expression.

~ Dan Wilson ~

Studio Alive is a welcoming group of very artistic people. They are committed to enjoying artistic expression. If you enjoy expressing your artistic urge you need to drop by.

~ Ken Bowser ~

The Bascom has been like a fairy godmother who has given this late-in-life artist the opportunity to revitalize a dormant past time. The Bascom…has provided encouragement, instruction and supplies in a very friendly and nurturing atmosphere. Many thanks.

~ Button Parham ~

I cannot praise Studio Alive enough. Unlike other groups I’ve known, it is the most delightful, interesting and rewarding. It is an assemblage without rules and with no “leader” to make decisions. Artists do whatever they choose. No one criticizes, but offer help when requested. We are true friends with a common interest in art.

~ Muriel Kolb ~

Each winter, Studio Alive Artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work in The Bascom Education Gallery. Share your work with the community!

A brief history…

In 1980, Highlands resident and talented artist, Catherine Christie, invited other local artists to meet at her home studio in Mirror Lake to draw and paint from a live model. Participating artists brought their own materials and shared equally in the cost of the model. Since the group always worked from a model Christie thought up the name "Studio Alive". It became a weekly event and continued for many years. During this time retired architect and  well-known Miami/Highlands artist Dane Morgan was part of this independent group. He offered his home studio for a new location as the size of the group had grown. The group disbanded in 2007 not long after Dane passed away. 

In 2013 Christie revived the Studio Alive group, moving several times before meeting at the current locations. They now enjoy the locations of Hudson Library Community Room and as of 2016, the Adult Studio at Bascom. Founding member Christie is now in her nineties, and with some of the other original members, continues to meet weekly and inspire fellow artists. New artists are welcomed at all times!

Interested in becoming a model?

Studio Alive is regularly seeking models. No need to be a professional! Clothed or nude models are always needed.

To find out more information about Studio Alive or to become a model, please contact:
Cindy Vickery: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 828-743-1632
Billy Love: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 828-787-2881

Maybe you already know someone in Studio Alive!

Penny Bradley
Kathy Beehler
Ken Bowser
Suzanne Dilthey
Lyn de la Houssaye 
John James
Muriel Kolb
Button Parham
Nancy Rampell
Carroll Rivers
Cindy Vickery
Dan Wilson