noun, the visible shape or configuration of something.

verb, bring together parts or combine to create (something).


adjective, serving to form something, especially having a profound and lasting influence on a person's development.

As makers and creators, human beings experience the world as both a place given to them and as a place they can mark, shape, and mold. The places that become homes to us offer familiarity, comfort, and even companionship. Places seem to have their own identities – they act on us, call us to them, invite response. Many creative acts seem to emanate from the experience of place.

This exhibition, titled form•ative is a collection of functional and non functional metal objects by craftspeople whose location or place has been formative in their development as an artist, the objects they create, and the ideas they wish to explore. Metal has traditionally played a prominent role in the built environment and the places we inhabit. The included artists are engaged makers and community participants who utilize their skills and ideas to shape the world through the objects they create. They have responded to places they have visited or worked, to the people of a specific place that influenced their work ethic, to the materials within a place, and to the objects that surrounded them. Regardless of the inspiration, all of the artists have created objects that were a result of a profound and lasting influence due to a location or place that continues to impact their artistic development.

- Frankie Flood + Elizabeth Walton. co-curators. 


Featured Artists

Thomas Campbell

Seth Gould

Rachel Kedinger

Ana M. Lopez

Natalie Macellaio

Erica A. Meier

Erica Moody

Dan Neville


Public Reception- Thursday June 16, 5pm