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Thompson Gallery

  • Craft to Art Series: Mosaics

    GALLERY: Thompson Gallery
    ARTIST(S): Various
    ON DISPLAY: September 18, 2021
    THROUGH: December 23, 2021
    MEDIUM(S): Mosaics

    Our fourth installment in our Craft to Art series covers Mosaics and their history of use from wall decorations to modern fine art pieces. The Craft to Art series seeks to bring about discussion regarding mediums that have long histories in craft and a vital resurgent in fine art.

  • Members Challenge: PLAY!

    GALLERY: Thompson Gallery
    ARTIST(S): Various
    ON DISPLAY: July 20, 2021
    THROUGH: September 4, 2021
    MEDIUM(S): Various

    This year’s members challenge is based on our 2021 annual theme: PLAY! Bascom member artists are asked to submit an original piece of art that they feel best encompasses what the term means to them. The members challenge is our longest running exhibition and this year marks the fifth year with juror selection.



  • SKATE show

    GALLERY: Thompson Gallery
    ARTIST(S): Various
    ON DISPLAY: April 6, 2021
    THROUGH: July 3, 2021
    MEDIUM(S): Various
    GUEST CURATOR(S): Didi Dunphy

    Tricks and transportation

    Cruising, gliding, sidewalk surfing

    Subculture to the Olympics. Hey, Tony Hawk on MasterClass

    Hi! I am delighted to have organized SKATE at The Bascom. My curatorial approach, as well as my studio practice, is one of invitation, cooperation, and serious play. Intentional play. Yes, there is imagination and enjoyment but with attention to building shared experience through the engagement of art. As Dr. Seuss says – “It is fun to have fun but you’ve got to know how.”

    The origins and motivation of the sub-culture of skateboarding have always supported individuality, creativity both through design and the physical, alternate thinking, questioning the norm with a bit of anarchy. Examining the physical world as material for expression. A rail on a stair becomes a platform for motion, an empty pool becomes an invention stage. Skate design can range from boards with layers of rough worn stickers to elegant engineering but always the potential for energy fueled action and a bit of a revolutionary spirit.

    I consider these qualities to also define an artistic practice. For this exhibit, I invited and in some cases commissioned, these artists to interpret the world of skateboarding with ingenuity, whimsy, and their unique style. Some used traditional art tools, a brush and paint, camera lens, fabric, and ceramic, or in some cases, a couple of wheels and a piece of wood. 

    Not all of us are skateboarders, though are excited to try out Highlands' new skate park along with a visit to the gallery.

    Thank you for skating/playing with us!

                                       -Didi Dunphy, guest curator

  • W.R.A.P. Kyle Kelsey

    GALLERY: Thompson Gallery
    ARTIST(S): Kyle Kelsey
    ON DISPLAY: January 12, 2021
    THROUGH: March 20, 2021
    MEDIUM(S): Various

    The Bascom Winter Resident Artist Program, better known as the W.R.A.P., calls on Students or Faculty from the surrounding universities to submit site-specific installation proposals for The Bascom’s unique and beautiful Thompson Gallery.

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