The forest is a place most of us usually pass through - 

if we enter at all 

- to enjoy peace and solitude or maybe the company of others, away from the built world. 

We go to experience nature, to be lifted from our daily routine and habits of being. 

Should you choose not only to enter this space, but also to spend time observing, 

constant change can be seen all around.

Even still, the human eye is not capable of perceiving more gradual shifts like light and shadow as the day passes 

we are locked into our human sense of time, not permitted the view of a days evolution compressed into a moment, much less grander geological processes. 

The days we spend lost in minutia are mere slivers on that timeline- 

We are not privy to the literal big picture of nature.

The Nantahala National Forest takes its name from the Cherokee word meaning 

Land of the Noonday Sun

Anyone who has spent time at the bottom of a valley surrounded by rhododendrons, mountain laurels and hemlocks knows that there, 

the day is short. 

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