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6 to 10 pm

What is The Bascom Winter Bash?

Saturday, February 21, 2015, The Delta Flight Museum will host one of this winter's premier events, The Bascom Winter Bash in Atlanta.  Dance the night away to Motown classics performed by Liquid Pleasure and explore interactive exhibits and rare aviation items in The Delta Flight Museum.

This fundraiser, benefiting The Bascom Visual Arts Center, ensures that the unique education, exhibition, and community outreach programs will continue for years to come.  


About The Bascom 

The Bascom, a 501(c)3 nonprofit center for the visual arts in Highlands, has a beautiful six-acre, "green" architect-designed pastoral campus 
where it serves people through rotating high-quality art exhibitions, classes and educational presentations. The campus features historic buildings, a covered bridge, a nature trail, a 27,500 square foot main building for two-dimensional adult and children's art, a separate reconstructed Ceramics Studio Barn, a kiln barn, a shop, a terrace, and much more.

Here at The Bascom, we believe that all residents of the Highlands-Cashiers plateau and visitors to our community should have the chance to be uplifted by art.  Since moving to our beautiful new campus in 2009, The Bascom has strived to expand and enhance our outreach to the community with two goals:

(1) To ensure that our exhibitions and programs are accessible to people of all ages, background and 
physical/mental ability; and

(2) To heighten awareness of The Bascom's resources in populations that are traditionally underserved in the area 
of visual arts.  

To this end, The Bascom has implemented a series of in-depth programs whose purpose is to provide transformational arts 
experiences by partnering with agencies who work directly with underserved audiences.  The Bascom subsidizes the cost of tuition and offers financial assistance and work/study arrangements for children and adults.  Additionally, The Bascom offers free memberships for families who cannot afford the cost of memberships.  These programs deliver the message that art experiences are essential to developing the whole person and energizing the community life by pulling people of all ages and experience levels together.

Read more about The Bascom here 

What are the Demographics 
of the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau?

Highlands, NC was founded in 1875 by Samuel Truman Kelsey and Clinton Carter Hutchinson.  Kelsey and Hutchinson drew lines from Chicago to Savannah and from New Orleans to New York, assuming the place where these lines met would eventually become a great trading center and commercial crossroads.  Highlands was named for its lofty elevation of 4,118 feet.

Highlands was rated by the Wall Street Journal as the 99th most affluent town in the US.

Visit the Highlands Chamber of Commerce here

Visit the Cashiers Chamber of Commerce here

About The Delta Flight Museum

Since 1995, the Delta Flight Museum has allowed visitors from around the world to explore aviation history, celebrate the story and people of Delta, and discover the future of flight,  The Museum was recently renovated into a world-class attraction that offers engaging exhibits and interactive programming for aviation enthusiasts of all ages.

Read more about The Delta Flight Museum here

The Bascom Winter Bash Host Committee
Susan and Richard Anderson

Tricia and Inman Allen
Judy and Dick Allison
Betty and Robert Balentine
Nancy and John Bell
Judith and Ron Bobo
Mary Ann Hardman and Dick Boger
Kathy and Robert Bowman
Jonye and Deane Briggs
Virginia and Mike Campbell
Ruth and Tom Claiborne
Linda and Tommy Clark
Claire and Alex Crumbley
Lyn and John Darden
Kitty and T. Wayne Davis
Linda and Dick Dickinson
Edith and Jim Dillon
Gayle and Frank Eby
Cathy and Bob Fisher
Ann and Kyle Flynn
Freddie Flynt
Barbara and Sam Gassaway
Lynn DeVault and Glo Ghegan
Betty and Alston Glenn
Bobbie and Jon Golden
Anne and Dick Goodsell
Louree and Bill Greehey
Amanda and Greg Gregory
Margaret and Tom Hall
Nancy and Charles Harrison
Paula and Lash Harrison
Wawa and Richard Hines
Kay Hodges
Fay and Barrett Howell
Gail and Tim Hughes
Vesta and David Jones
Alfred Kennedy and Bill Kenny
Lora and Rob Kight
Ann and Larry Klamon
Jim Landon
George Lanier
Cathy and George Manning
Fran and Bill Matthews
Mimi and Robert McCallum
Rozzy and John McCoy
Mary Eliza and Howard McMillan
Diane and Ray McPhail
Anna and Hays Mershon
Cherie Fuzzell and Rick Miller
Martha and Jack Pietri
Linda and Mark Quick
Elizabeth and Rod Rodriguez
Bev and Wally Seinsheimer
Miriam and Vernon Skiles
Joanne Smith
Ann and Claude Sullivan
Carolyn and Rhett Tanner
Sallie and Patrick Taylor
Kathy and David Trice
Suzanne and Ned Turnbull
Wilbur Warner
Ruthie Watts
Marcia and Charlie Weber
Eleanor and Irv Welling
Vance and Willis Willey

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